GOlden JAckal informal study Group Europe GOJAGE

04.04.2017 Golden Jackal bio-acoustic monitoring in Denmark (GOJAGE technical data report)


24.04.2016 Golden jackal population increases in Italy (Poster in Viterbo Italy, X Congresso Italiano di Teriologia)


12.02.2016 GOJAGE Expert Criteria for new jackal reports assessment from out of known historic range Technical Report (GOJAGE members of Austria, Romania, Italy)


13.09.2015 What about golden jackal in Sweden and Finland? Another dispersal strategy of the golden jackal to the Baltic Sea Coast, Denmark and Germany

02.06.2015 Jackal ALERT in Lithuania; MANIFEST of GOJAGE TEAM against naming jackals into Invasive Alien Species list.

06.10.2013 OLBIA 2013: Jackal survey in Wetlands of Lowland Dniester Liman and Shatsk Park West Polesia, Ukraine 
23.08.2013 Jackals: Second specimen removed in NE Estonia , Peep Männil, Estonian Environment Information Centre, Tartu, Estonia 
25.07.2013 Network 2013,  Summer Survey of Jackals’ Habitat in RAMSAR Units, SE Romania REPORT
21.07.2013 Network 2013, Time expansion, Report by Ilya Acosta Pankov, Yoluka Europe
22.06.2013 Jackal sighting in South-Western part of Bulgaria during 1st World War. Struma (Strymonas) Valley near Melnik, Blagoevgrad Province 1917-1918
20.06.2013 Northwesternmost Italian Golden Jackal photo-trapped on the eastern slopes of the Mount Peller, in Val di Non, Province of Trento (NE Italy)
21.04.2013 Estonian Jackal Canis aureus Origin, Canis lupaster and Legislative status of C. aureus at EU 27 level
16.04.2013 Taxonomic status of the form Lupaster, based on morphological features. Nikolai Spassov, 1986
04.04.2013 Jackal territoriality, habitat specialist behavior, measurable parameters related to food availability as major ecological factor and limit for jackal movements in Europe

04.10.2012 GOJAGE2 broader activities, method and proposal. This is the most integrate jackal density survey suggested and performed in 8 countries (RO, BG, RS, HR, HU, GR, IT, SI)
25.06.2012 Jackal Ecology Task Force JETF, this group of institutions and researchers agreed during WANAX II, summer survey in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia, to sign 
25.04.2012 GOJAGE1 broader activities, method and project initiated by Czech Republic team, Cervinka and Salek.
01.04.2012 Multivariate Analysis MVA, PDF used for Data Collection
01.04.2012 Distribution and habitat preferences, of the golden jackal (Canis aureus) in European range: comparison of different landscape types. Dr Jaroslav Cervinka
01.03.2012 IUCN e-Bulletin SE-Europe Golden Jackal Survey. First date when GOJAGE is mentioned as informal group of jackal enthusiasts interested in the study of golden jackal.




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On-line publication of GOJAGE with news, surveys and census, reports, jackal sightings and jackal population ecology studies. We will publish works about conservation issues, interspecific relations, structural and functional connectivity in suitable habitats from out of known range, too.